Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers Day Past

My babies are all grown up.
Travelling paths that they seek out on their own.

My boy lives 3475 km or 33 hours from me.
My girl lives at home for the time being with big plans that include Indonesia, Russia and then ending up in Ontario.

I miss them when they were little... the home made Mothers Day cards with painted finger prints turned into flower petals, jumping into bed with me in the morning all excited to give me their creations.

This morning I was up early to greet my fur kids in the yard.  I was showered in wet sloppy kisses and canine love which always makes me smile and feel happy inside.
Settling down in my lounge chair while they played around me I received a Mothers Day message from my boy via text and felt immediately sad while laughing at his craziness all at the same time.  (message read;  Happy mothers day! My Birth may have been excruciatingly painful, but at least I didn't eat my way out like some insects do)

He will never change, always making me laugh. look at him... all grown up into a man living in his own place in the hub of a big city.

Then there is my little girl, could always be found singing and so independent.
 She has now fallen in love and is dreaming of a future that includes her own 'home'.

Where did the time go?

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