Sunday, June 2, 2013

June is Finally Here!


I've seen this three letter expression on some of my young friends posts on facebook lately.
It is usually followed after some announcement of a dropped cell phone in water, or missing a ride somewhere.  I've also seen it attached to a comment about how all their friends are out on a Saturday night and they are not.

Life is worth giving up after these events?

I've been feeling sorry for myself lately and find myself teetering on the edge of that black hole of depression once again.
So many 'unfortunate' events have taken place lately and have piled up and around me that at times I find if hard to breath.

Money is the at the centre of almost all of my woes and after reading yet another "I can't find my iplad, fml" post on a social media sight I took a wide eyed open look at my life.

Sure I do not have a vehicle once again and have to bum rides to my second job.
I've experienced the water shut off in my home.
And I now seriously wonder where the money is going to come from to continue my dream of the race in the Yukon next March to the point of it may not actually happen.

I have my health.
I did not lose my husband to a serious illness.
I still have a roof over my head.
And I have two jobs that I love.

There are others who would look at my 'fml' posts and shake their heads at my troubles with the thought of, "you should try walking in my shoes"

I made a comment recently about how May can go 'Suck It" as I was ready to move on to a better month.

Well here I come June.
Let's see if we can move on and remember what we have rather than what we could have.

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