Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Happy Ending

My boy is home for a weeks holiday making this Mommy a happy one.
However with only a week there are a few 'to do's' that must happen and one of those was Dad and Son heading out on the lake to go fishing.
With my girl off to the Stampede with a friend I was left alone with my fur kids for the day.

The 'Mum' in me decided it should be a day of baking so there could be treats for the family for the next week.

Door propped open with a rock the fur kids could come and go as they pleased while I kept busy in the kitchen.
I had purchased a couple of flower pots and was not in full trust that they would not pull them apart so I did head out a few times to see what they were up to and throw the ball for Rigby.

Dogs in and out, napping at my feet and sniffing up at the counter, it all seemed like a normal day, there was no indication to the adventure that was about to ensue.

I was just cleaning up from my latest batch of cookies and had a tray in the over with about 3 minutes left to go on the timer when Hubba popped in whining and seeming rather agitated.
Drying off my hands I threw my chore shoes on (which are loose and clumpy on my feet), stepped outside and called to the dogs... "hey puppies!!"


The yard was empty.
Void of dogs.

The gates were closed.

What the hey???

Walking around to the back of the yard I just about fell over.  Two fence boards had been ripped off the fence and a huge hole stood between the yard and freedom.
My guess was a cat happened to be on the other side resulting in the escape that was most likely all Penny's doing.

"Shit!!"  I stood staring at the newly created gate to the front yard frozen to the spot with my brain reeling with what I needed to do to bring all 5 dogs back by myself.

Running inside I grabbed their collars which of course they were not wearing (bloody hell), the leash and stopped to tie my shoes that were slopping about on my feet. 
Leaving the back door open I grabbed my cell phone and keys and took off outside calling all the dogs names while standing in the middle of the road.

Nothing, no sound, no sign of any dog.

I jumped into the truck and started off down the road hoping that I picked the right direction, the one we use to walk the dogs.
Nothing, no sign of them at all.

Why did this have to happen when I was at home alone?

I drove about 6 blocks or so when all of a sudden I see Hubba and Elly sniffing a backyard fence.
Leaping out of the truck (surprised I put it in park) I called to them both.  Nothing at first, but as soon as I dropped to my knees they both came over to me.
However without collars on I could only get a hold of one dog at a time.  So Elly was picked up and put into the back seat, but before I could close the door she had jumped out again.
This time I grabbed a collar and slipped it over her head and put her back in the truck.
Hubba in the meantime was running around the truck looking all pleased with himself.
Putting him in the truck was a different story.

Collar on his neck I put his front feet on the floor to the passenger side front seat then lifted his butt up into the truck.  He would not however step up so I had to lift all 90 pounds of him up onto the seat.

I flew home put the first two into the kennel in the yard, grabbed a few dog cookies and ran out once more.

I seriously didn't think I would get so lucky again, but lo and behold when I turned down the first street there was all three of my kids running back towards home (yes, this is what I am telling myself).
Jumping out of the truck and calling to them I watched in disbelief as they all ran right past me, not even glancing my way once!!
Again I dropped to my knees and called Rigby while showing him the cookie... he thought about running ahead but at the last second he changed his mind and came to me tail wagging with a big grin on his face.

One in the truck it was time to get the other two.

Rocky came to me next in the same way Rigby did.

Penny on the other hand wasn't as willing to get in the truck, but she did come to me when I called her, again squatting down to her level.

With all 5 dogs back in their kennels I went inside and dropped on the couch which was when I noticed that I was dripping in sweat.  No.  Not just dripping I was drenched.
I also had to take a few deep breaths to slow my heartbeat down to normal again.

After a calming break alone in my quiet living room (and finishing off the last couple batches of cookies) I head back outside with hammer and nails in hand to fix and make the fence escape proof once more.

I'm sure there was some form of guardian angel watching over me and the dogs this afternoon.
I feel very lucky to have all 5 of my kids back home safe and sound.

One thing is for sure. 

We are never going through that again!!

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