Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Pot Hole, now THAT is a Common Weed!!

I love Daisies.

They make me smile giving me a warm happy feeling inside.
Simple yet elegant.
I have, or rather, had a small bunch growing by my front door so that when I came home it would instantly cheer me up.

After a knock on our door one morning which found a 'Weed Inspector' from the county on our front step changed all that in a matter of moments.

Leucanthemum vulgare is what she said we had.  A common weed.
I knew that it was a weed, vulgar it is not.  Dandelions, they to me should be labeled as such, not the pretty little Daisy.
The Daisy that made up the bulk of my wedding boquet those many years ago.

We were told that it had to be removed... our little bunch of daisies that have been growing at the side of our house for the last 15 to 20 years. 
Yes we live in a rural town not far from pasture fields, but far enough that my little bunch of Daisies would not creep there and take over... in fact they hadn't even crept their way into our front garden or the driveway.

So now my little bunch of daisies sit dying in a vase on my dining room table.  The weed inspector saving the day as she keeps our yards safe from these pests.

However it seems a sad strange world when there is someone who drives around making sure that our gardens are free from flowering weeds when the pot holes grow in large numbers along many of the county roads.

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