Thursday, August 8, 2013

Soul Searching

The heart races, stomach flips, and sweat begins to form on the palms of my hands.

Here I go again.
Nerves take over and I feel an almost fear in the deepest darkest and dirtiest part of my soul.... holy jeebers it's dusty down here!

I haven't been down in this alley for awhile, it seems the soul searching part of my life has been left alone for a time.
It's almost a little scary here as I look around at the relics that lay about forgotten, almost.

There!! In that corner is the "come on try it!! Just this once!"   There are a few of those, you know the 16 year old with a cigarette, or bottle of beer/whisky/wine, the rolled joint, and well... you have to see it for yourself.   I'm sure most of you have these ones.

And over there is the "should I marry him"  That was a good one, ending happily but of course.

If you look over in that corner you will see the pile of school searches... Art, then Business and finally Education Assistant.
No, not there, that is the Volunteer stuff... lots of those, most of which were all good searches that have helped me in the long run.

No, if you look over there you will see stuffed beside the Move to Alberta and Start a family is the Buy my own business which is buried under the Sell my business. 
It is here you will see the Do we get a sled dog? searches.

There are many of these in varying degrees with a brand new shiny one sitting right out there in the open.
You can't miss it.
Percy is in large letters on the front.

Go on, open it... here let me do it for you ----> here <---- br=""> *shudders*

Yeah, I know.
What was I thinking?

But hey.  I've been getting in shape myself.
Found 2500 acres of land to do some haw/gee training.
Found a new training buddy.
Possibly the use of other dogs to help in training.
I am excited with the amount of running we are going to get to do this winter.

AND I found me a couple of more sponsors.
Aces High Oilfield Services (I shall call my Gold sponsor)
And Carole and Barry Forhan (my wonderful Ma and Pa)

I can't thank them enough... which also means that I have to DO this.

I have to.

So why am I feeling so scared?

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