Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ten Things that Make Me Smile

'What ten things make you smile?'  A question posted on a facebook page I follow Simple Life Celebrations.

A simple question, yet as I ponder my list of 10 I am struck by the fact that I have wayyyy more than 10 things that make me smile.

1.  This is first and foremost on my top 10, and that would be my family.  My kids, hubby, and extended family as well.  They are all in my life no matter how far they live and I'm proud of each one of them, AND they all make me smile.
 2. My dogs.  From cuddles and kisses to throwing the ball for Rigby.  Just hanging with my fur dudes in the yard every day makes me smile.
3. And speaking of dogs, playing in the snow and dog sledding with them makes me smile.  Just thinking about being on the back of a sled brings out the grin in me.


 4. A good cup of coffee and good company.  They don't have to be together and some may argue this is two smiles in one.... and you're right they don't HAVE to be together, but they are best as a pair
5.  Friends.  I have so many who mean so much to me that they all bring a smile to my face.  
  Friends who live far
 Friends who live close

6. Cotton Candy, well if you know me you will understand this best.  I think it should be a food group actually
7. New shoes.  I don't understand how you can't smile with new shoes on your feet!

8.  Fresh clean sheets on my bed.  I love crawling into bed and pulling the covers over my head when I've put new sheets on the bed.
9.  Daisies. They always make me smile.
10.  Just thinking about my kids.  I know I've mentioned family already... and I have a million simple things that make me smile, such as doing nothing, or a warm summer night, or a cool brisk winter afternoon, or... well you get the idea.   However my kids mean the world to me and just thinking about them makes me smile.

What is your list of smiles?


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Shawna Cevraini said...

This is such a beautiful list Rochelle! It made me smile reading & seeing your photos. I LOVE it! Thank you for sharing!

It's amazing how many blessings we have in our lives if we just take a few minutes to think of them. These are the things that really matter.

Thank you again for making ME smile!