Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tough Decisions

It’s been a tough week for me.

I’m dealing with some medical issues that we don’t need to go into detail over, but let’s just say that getting old isn’t all fun and games, or all that it is cracked up to be.   Only a number they say?  Try telling that to this body of mine.

Hormones… pshaw… they won’t listen to reason.   I am a 30 year old trapped in this aging and falling apart body.

Well, alright… it’s not really falling apart… just a hitch on this ride called life, nothing I can’t handle…. And will be sorted out once I get the blood work done and they, the medical peoples, figure out how they are going to sort out me.

Worried?  Not at all.

This week, with the rising and falling of hormones (I am just guessing on this now) has to do with the dilemma that befell me… befell?  Is that indeed a word?  Must be as my spell check has not underlined it in red… okay I was befelled this week… alright, I get it, befelled is NOT a word... give me a break okay?  I’ve had a tough week.

The dilemma which has caused this grief was all started with facebook.  Yes, I’m sure there are many of you pumping your fists in the air with the satisfaction of knowing that these social networking sights are the work of the devil, pure evil… wait… none of you self righteous puritans would be reading this as you wouldn’t have even discovered this blog as you don’t actually believe in being on here in the first place… in any case those that feel faceook/twitter and all of those other connecting with loved ones and our millions of friends is a bad place to be it had its negative affect, or is it effect?  Jeeze I can never remember, there is some rule to that isn’t there? Oh, but I digress now, yes back to what ailed me this week.

Yellow, vegetable dyed, Italian leather flats.

Yes you read that correctly, yellow flats that the local business here in town, Ulla la, advertised on their facebook page.   50% off.   Still more money than I have paid for flats before.  But oh so cute.

I fell in love, love at first sight, head over heels (did you see that? Did you get that pun?)  In any case this doesn’t happen with me when it comes to shoes, or articles of clothing (purses maybe, but that is a different story)
I could see myself wearing these shoes on an almost daily basis.  They would be perfect for both my jobs.  And they looked oh, so comfortable.  I felt as if I should own these shoes.  There was even a space of honour under my bedroom dresser for them.

But alas, the practical side of me knew that this was a bad idea.  I have been saving all my money, tips from my part time job, spare change, pennies found on the street etc.  It has built up to a rather impressive number…

This impressive but still rather small sum (for what is needed) that was set aside for my new ski boots, bindings for my skis, new skies eventually, harnesses for the dogs, Mukluks to keep my feet warm while out with the dogs on the sled and special clothing I will need while running the dogs on skis.
Items all needed for this crazy adventure that has been planned for this coming March, only 7 months from now.

Seven months!

Still so much to do, to have purchased for, to train for!!

Oh no, the nervous butterflies are spinning rapidly in my stomach now, but boy they would all look cute if they were sporting yellow Italian leather pumps.


You know sometimes a woman just has to say hell with it all and go with what is in the best interest of her wardrobe.
Sigh, I'm still dreaming of yellow pumps.

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Mom said...

They look very pretty, but wouldn't last if you are on your feet all day. You need strong, expensive, nurse's type shoes (very attractive). I had to buy them when I worked at Safeway and was not sorry. They help your back, and if you are running after kids or serving in a cafe, you'll be glad you have them. The yellow shoes are lovely to change into when you just want to go out for a coffee and be the servee instead of being the server! xoxo