Sunday, June 24, 2012

One Week to Go!!!

Met up with the 'Wonder Woman', AKA, leader of the running group and her husband this morning.

Sunday morning and no one else ventured out to join us.. at least not at the time we ran.  Sundays are suppose to be for staying snuggled under the blankets enjoying the comfort of a soft warm bed.

I wish.

Even if I didn't have dogs that needed to be loved and cuddled and fed.
Even if I didn't have plans to run.
I just cannot sleep in.   Sadly it is not in my genetic makeup... nor is it wired in my brain properly to allow me such pleasures.

So, I might as well head out and go for a run... why not?

I ran 5K again this morning, however I decided that I would continue to run 10 minutes with a 1 minute break in between.  Figured I might as well get used to this before moving on.. .makes sense right?    I thought so too....

That is until my hubby asked me what we had planned for next weekend...

I saunter over to the calendar, thinking there were no plans that I could remember.... slowly my finger moves to Saturday June 23rd.... uh... no.. wait.. that was yesterday!! 
Next weekend is the 5K road race that I've entered!!!


Panic sets in.
My heart rate rises and I'm standing still!
Butterflies come alive deep down in my stomach.

How did July 1st come so quickly???


I can do this.

Piece of cake... I have 4 more days that I can run before Sunday..

I can and I will run the entire route without stopping..

I can

                                    I can
                  I can
                                                                                      I can!!!

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