Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Job, yes, You Should be Jealous

Lately I've been obsessed with my running and training for the Percy... it's all I think about (or so it seems).
And why not?  What an adventure!  I tingle deep down with excitement just thinking about it.  After all the dogs and I will be running a small section of the Yukon Quest trail... *squeal!!*

As for my running, that also has me excited.   I never thought I could be a runner... and here I am in less than a month almost ready to run a 5K without stopping.

Who woulda figured at this point in my life at 48 years old I would be heading for an incredible adventure and in the best shape ever.

However that is not all that is happening in my life.
It is as if everything is falling into place.   The jigsaw puzzle of who I am is filling in nicely, the picture is clear now, and it makes me smile.
The section that is finally crystal is my job.
I LOVE my job.   It is one that I am re-hired for yearly and I cross my fingers that I will return for many more to come.

The staff, my co-workers, are an amazing group of people that take their work seriously.  It makes me feel so incredibly overwhelmed to think that my kids were educated in this atmosphere, but also opened my eyes to how and why they ended up where they have today.... I've got to say that we are incredibly lucky in this small town to have a fabulous group of dedicated teachers from K to 12.

My job. 
I go to work daily knowing that I will smile often.  I enjoy the children I work with, they are able to baffle me and some will challenge me, yet they all amaze me. 
I get to be a mentor yet at the same time am able to act silly and be goofy if the situation allows for it.  It's like being paid to be a Girl Guide leader and I LOVE it!!

Speaking of which... I'm off to get ready for a super, wonderful incredible day now... and it begins with a run which means it will be a perfect one.

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