Monday, June 11, 2012


I've been planning my upcoming racing season so that I can sort out the training side of things.
I know, I know it is only June.  Summer has yet to begin.  What am I doing thinking snow??!!??

Hey... I didn't say I wasn't crazy.
Although in my eyes I seem perfectly normal.

I'm so excited about the upcoming training season.  It is all about getting ready for the Percy now.
Race dates without the training are exciting themselves..
Dec. 8th..
Jan. 18th..
Feb. 2nd..
Feb. 15th ....
*claps hands!!!*

This past weekend I met with some of the team members... Brenda, Becky and Raija whom I spent the most time with.
I came away feeling so incredibly excited about our upcoming adventure.

Nothing is going to stop us now!


Hanging with the ladies, talking about the race, and our gear, and the training for us and dogs I felt as if I could bounce in my seat.
Not only were we starting the whole adventure, I also had others who wouldn't get bored talking about dogs.. what they eat, how they poop, training tips,  puppy talk.

Speaking of puppy talk.

We also had 7, 5 week old pups to occupy our time.. it was wonderful... surprised I didn't come home with one... oh, right, they are too young yet.. wonder if I should be visiting in 3 weeks time???

It was great to meet with the others.  I feel so confident now.  We can do this... all of us! 

The only downside to my weekend was coming home with the flu.  So sick, no energy for even standing and eating anything is a challenge, it actually hurts to put food in my stomach.  A major pain to me as I missed my run with the running club tonight, and it was the harder one. 
Harder is all relative I suppose, so not harder... just longer... but I missed it, and I'm so bummed.

That's okay, in a couple days I will be right as rain and ready to carry on... because I have a goal now... a GOAL.. and no longer a DREAM.

I really do have an awesome life... a supportive hubby.. the best kids ever.. my entire family is actually a great inspiration to me... the best job... the greatest hobby with pups that love me unconditionally.  AND adventure. 

I need to share one of my favorite songs now
Edwin, Alive


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