Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Canine Crap


I'm not sure what the correct term is for what I've been going through.

Consumed..... Absorbed..... Haunted...... Engrossed?

Daily in my home the Internet is opened to articles relating to dietary nutrition for racing dogs
Articles on what is best for my fur kids.... many I have to weed out that are written by people who they themselves eat a daily meal of seaweed that is infused with salmon and flax seed oils to ward off evil spirits.

For myself and running I know how I feel with what I've been eating.  What works at creating or even losing energy... and what to NOT eat if I want to continue to lose weight.

Yet for my kids, they cannot tell me what is or is not working.
Instead I keep my eye on what comes out of their body.
Their poop.

Every morning and night as I'm doing the daily chore of picking up after them I spend time examining this most disgusting particle.
Is it firm?
What colour is it?
Was there any food that didn't digest?
If it's the hubby who was out with the kids I question him.... AND he doesn't find it odd I do so, which is why we are married I suppose.

Going out in public I have to make it a point to NOT talk about this most disgusting topic.  Seriously who but another 'musher' is all that interested in what comes out of their dogs?  Most normal people spend their days working hard at not stepping on it, or if they own a dog, bribing their kids to pick up after Fido once a week.  Which sets off the gag reflex and possible temper tantrums.

Just as I'm making sure that my body receives the correct nutrition I have to make sure my furry athletes also have the same care put into what is given to them....

Obsessed? Maybe EnGROSSed is more like it.

However this doesn't change the meaning of this decal that we own... referring only to the 'white' stuff and not the brown!

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(Karen) Lisa Daley said...

You are not alone, I repeat you are not alone in your obsession ~ lol ~. Words like tootsie roll, pumpkin pie, applesauce and soup have a special meaning to serious canine scatologists - I bet we could even make up our own dictionary!