Sunday, March 18, 2012

Write it Out

Advice given to me as I cannot sleep.

Write it out.

You know... I honestly have not done any serious writing in what feels like forever now.
Lack of sleep has a tremendous influence over my brain.

Words trapped in my mind.
Filling my head, wanting – no - needing to come out and onto paper.   Trouble is every time I try to write anything down nothing flows.
It comes out as gibberish, making no sense.
I just cannot get it out of m head, which is filling up by the second.

Soon, one day soon, it is going to explode into a jumble of nonsense making me look as though I have joined the ranks of the lunatics.


And what are words anyway?

Letters that are strewn out in a random order that at times make no sense at all.  Seriously how does one know why the knight known as the Colonel  of the Gnomes would want to reign this colony?   Especially when it rains at night in the city of Nome while the corn kernels get covered in fungi.

Where’d that come from???

See what I mean about needing to get words out on paper?
Or in print?
Or just out of my head.

There is some serious shit floating around in there.

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