Friday, March 9, 2012

Winter, uh Spring.. no Winter!!

It has been an unusual year,with a lack of winter and quite a few spring like days. (And I really hate spring!!) 
As the months passed us that should have been filled with cold brisk days and snow covered trails, but which were not, I began to feel a sense of acceptance.
It was as though I had given in, or given up.  I felt like a little kid pouting in my room with an it is not fair attitude.... it just was not!
Mother Nature just was not on my side so it seemed.  However I believe she felt a little sorry for me as she decided to grace me with just a teeny tiny bit of my favorite season.

Winter finally arrived... the week of March 4

LOTS of snow fell

The most we've had all year

Which meant...

Playing in the snow with my fur kids!!
So far we have had 3 late evening runs.

But sadly
it is leaving just about as quickly as it came

I will not complain though...... because it has been whispered to me that next year is going to be one with tons of snow and plenty of opportunities to play!!!

It will,,,, you will see.

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