Thursday, June 23, 2011

Play Time at Outback Kennels

The puppies are 8 1/2 weeks old and are sweet bundles of fur that are growing a little each day. 
 And even though they woke me up at 2:30 last night and ended up being kenneled in the backroom to ensure the entire neighbourhood didn't share in my sleepless night, they are growing on my heart.

An Afternoon of Puppy Play

Elly is so delicate and tiny but a tough little critter able to stand up to her brother.... she is wondering why I'm not getting in the kennel with her.

Rigby a tough little guy who is a lot bigger than his sister but the biggest suck of 'em all. He craves human connection and will 'scream' if you walk away from his kennel... "come on!! are you coming in already??"

Penny LOVES the puppies and has been in the kennel with them.  She treats them like they are her own babies and will lay right beside the fence.
Rocky... well I'm undecided about Rocky.  He is so curious about these little dudes, but seems a tad rough through the fence.  He is so funny, he will collect all the bones and chewies (raw hides) and bring them right up to the fence beside the puppies and pretend to ignore them while chewing away.
Hubba pretty much ignores the little guys, however he has had a good sniff and gave them his backside so they could 'try' and have a sniff too.  It is pretty exhausting keeping the little ones entertained... oh just you wait until they are free to roam the yard with you guys... you know nothing of exhaustion yet!!

It's a good thing they tucker out quickly, I'm not sure any of us would be able to keep up!

As for the kennel name, we are always asked "where do you keep your dogs?" and we always answer out back... hence the name.. Outback Kennels


ainnirbard said...

Wow, your two puppies sound like Gambit and Rogue! Rogue can hold her own (even if she doesn't always want to) and Gambit will still fall asleep in my lap and he whines, howls, and cries if I leave him too long (in his mind)....He gets especially lonely, even with three other Sibes, about 4am!

Anonymous said...

but we love 'em no matter what.. I am so in love with my pups, all 5 of them and now cannot imagine life without them.
signed, Insomia (I cannot post a comment under my blog name, it wont let me!)