Monday, June 13, 2011

Who Doesn't Love Puppies?

There may be those who will think we are nuts to add 2 more pups to our 'little' kennel.
And I must say there are moments when that thought crosses my mind also.

This last few days we have done some serious thinking, soul searching and hard shakes on that magic 8 ball to come up with the solution that is right for us.

Yes, it will cost a little more... but it is do able for us...
We are not rolling in the paper or coin 'stuff' and at times feel as though we scrape the bottom of the barrel more times than we should be at this stage in our lives. 
But in the scheme of things it seriously isn't that much extra to what we spend already.
The vet bills are spread out over the year which would be our biggest expense.

Time isn't a huge issue as I already spend the time with the existing pups.
Walkies in the morning will take on a new meaning when the pups are old enough to join the elders...

Elders?  Interesting, I have always thought of my dogs as pups, but now they are the mature older dogs... haha.. mature??

So, after a third, or was it the fourth, inquiry from Zoltan the fortune teller we chose to give the two little sweet hearts a home.

Eleanor (Elly) and Rigby will be coming home next Sunday for Fathers Day.

It's gonna take a year but just you wait.. we're gonna finally have ourselves a full team and we're gonna fly!

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