Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Java, java, java mmmmm java!

I have not really liked Tuesdays for the last 6 or 7 years... all work related of course, but Tuesdays have seriously been a bad day for me.

However there is one glimmer of 'pretty darn good' on my Tuesday mornings, and that is my stop at a favorite coffee shop in Cochrane called Java Jamboree.
They seriously have the best Americanos I have ever had.  Yes, even better than the ones I used to make.  They are really the cherry on the whip cream on top of the best cake you've ever had.

Creamy thick espresso with crema the colour of dark caramel poured slowly over hot water... I always have to look into my cup before adding a dash of cream (I know, blasphemy to some, but delight to me).  And then the smell...

Oh the smell.  I close my eyes and have been transported to heaven.  The smell of rich dark coffee transports me back to a time of good friends and terrific conversations, leaving me feeling a little melancholic yet also brings a smile to my face. The smell wraps itself around me like a satin ribbon that is brought alive by the gentle evening breeze, caressing me, enveloping me.

Then the taste.  I like to wait until it cools down a little to bring out the true flavour of this incredible bean. 
Smooth, sweet and rich as it slides across my tongue and down my throat awakening my taste buds into a frenzy of need and want.
The after taste lingers like great memories from the past, leaving with me a sense of pleasure that can be enjoyed again and again.

I finish my wonderful cup of coffee and since there is no garbage handy I place the empty cup into my purse... forgetting about it.
That is until on my way home I feel a wet patch on my left buttock, I reach back realizing my purse is also wet as the scent of my morning bliss meets my nose.

Guess my coffee wasn't completely gone as it cools in the late afternoon breeze..... what a waste of the last drop!

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