Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I close my eyes and I can actually see what it looks like.

It is a red, thick pulsating cord that twists it's way around my very soul.
Some days it just hangs loose and limp dragging along the ground behind me. It's dead weight reminding me that it is always there.
Other days it tightens itself around my chest up to my throat and around my head blurring my vision from life itself.
Choking me, overwhelming me.

Just out of my grasp is a knife.  It is so far away and looks almost dull... would it be able to cut through the tough fibers of this creature that hangs heavy from my shoulders?

My hope is that one day, one day very soon I will be able to grasp that knife.  Even as dull as it is I know that with every cut I make the tight hold on me will be loosened if only a tiny bit.

And one day... maybe I will cut off, at the very least, the thickest tentacles of this monster that I call stress.

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