Friday, April 23, 2010

Bad Influence

Every parents nightmare... that friend who is a bad influence...

We all know the one, that friend that talks your kid into skipping school, smoking cigarettes, doing drugs, drinking...  you know.. that 'bad' kid.

My bad influence has been hanging around a lot lately... and I cannot say no to her... taking time off of work, watching movies, playing with the dogs, playing on the computer, and doing puzzle books.

Gah... I just cannot escape her influence, I'd love to say no, but she has me tight within her grip.

Then comes the dreaded dead line... and I cannot even use her as an excuse, in the end it is all up to me.   I just wish she would fiind someone else to hang out with....
....anyone need a new best friend?   I'm so willing to send her your way... she's cute, lots of fun and will be friends with anyone.

Her name: Procrastination.

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