Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Road less Traveled

My future lays out before me, a long road that stretches into the distance.
I try to see beyond that first bend in the road, but just can't make out what is there ahead.

I'm scared, I've been comfortable for so long now that this step forward leaves me feeling short of breath.
But I'm also scared that this move forward will not happen either... so many plans are forming.. a freedom I've not had in many years now... what if it doesn't happen??? 

How odd is that... I'm scared to move ahead, yet scared to stay behind.

It is a road that I've taken once before, when we gave up everything to make that first step.. it was scary then too, yet so exciting.  This time I'm feeling even more fear as there seems to be a fog that covers the road, a mist that makes it too hard to tell if the way is clear or rocky.
But the fear that lingers also tells me that if I stay in one place for too long the road will disappear under the growth of weeds and rubble and I will not find my way again.

So... I take a deep breath... and I place one foot in front of the other....

1 comment:

Judy Hanson said...

It'll happen :) Following a new path is well...scary yet exciting, as you know.