Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New Blog Site

For Christmas my hubby got me started up on a web page.
So for the last few days I have been working on the site... many hours of frustration with many changes made.

One big change that has come about is the new blog site that came with the web page.
I think I may miss this particular blog site though.. it has many options that I have become comfortable with.
However I seem to do okay with change..... so.... I am going to give it a chance.

Please follow me here at this site not only contains my blog, but photos and video as well.

Thanks to all those that have hung around here.... I do hope to gain a larger audience in the near future as I head off to the Quest adventure as dog handler and then on to gaining support for my own trip to the Yukon and the Percy.

Happy reading and see you at the Outback Huskies web page (gee that sounds pretty cool!).


ainnirbard said...

Nice website Rochelle!! Having fun looking it over - you live in a beautiful area. I love my Green Mountains, but the Rockies are astounding!

Happy trails on your new blog (will miss you here though!)

Judy (ainnirbard / RohTur Siberians)

Rochelle Byiers said...

Thanks Judy!
I am not sure I'm going to leave this Blog though.. I'm not a fan of what I have on my web site... working out a way to link the two together...
I wont be gone, I love reading all the other blogs on here (including yours!)

I don't think I could move from here.. I love the open prairies and the Rockies only 2 hours away.