Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Greatest Adventure Ever!!!

I have been ever so neglectful of my blog this past little while.

Yeah, a little I suppose.  This time of year always seems to have so much going on.... but I'm up at 4:30 every morning, so that isn't much of an excuse.

Well.. yeah, when you get up at  4:30 every morning that tends to happen... but I'm not tired when I first wake up, so again, no excuse.

Writers Block?
Yes and no.  I have the most amazing news to share, and have had so much going on that I say, shame on me for not getting on here earlier!
My writers block had come from feeling super dis-heartened and feeling myself dropping into depression.    I find that if I don't write about what brings me down either here or on paper I can avoid that deep dark pit.

So I am back... with SO much to tell.

The local race is over and for my little team was a success!
School/work has been amazing as always and we are now on Christmas break.
My family, wonderful as always.
My fur kids have been running beautifully and we are now onto longer runs and working on our haw gee training.

So many stories to share.     
                     And I do want to tell all.    
                                                  But I can't.      
                                                                    Not right now.

A most amazing opportunity knocked on my door this past Wednesday.

No seriously it did actually knock.
Sitting at home playing on my computer, dogs laying at my feet, beside me and behind me on the couch.  Enjoying the quiet and peacefulness of the moment when a knock taps every so lightly on my front door.
A musher friend of mine has come to ask me if I want to go to the Quest.


It turns out that a long distance musher he knows is desperately looking for handlers for the upcoming race this February and that my musher friend had thought of me... did I want to go?
It would mean at least 3 weeks away from home, my dogs and work.


How does one take that much time off of work?

But it's the Quest!  And I've spoken of volunteering for that race... was thinking of 2015 as a matter of fact... and this would be better.. MUCH better... a perfect position to be in for the race.  I would be part of a team racing the Quest!
The more I thought about it the more excited I became.
It was all I could think of.
Thursday morning couldn't come fast enough so that I could get to work and speak to my bosses.

This time of year is nutty at school, it was also our turkey supper which meant feeding over 400 kids and adults.  Finished off with a school dance for the kids.
Yeah.. not a great time to approach someone with a request to take 3 weeks off of work in just over a month.
I had to wait until the next morning to find out if it would be something we could swing... and lucky for me I have the best bosses ever!!!!!

After a couple of phone calls and a wonderful chat with Randy Mackenzie I have joined team Controlled Chaos for the Yukon Quest!

Pinch me!

I will attempt to get a new battery for my lap top so that I may bring it along and blog this terrific adventure.... 
Have you always wanted to know what a handler does in a big race such as this?
You'll hear about it here!

I'll also be updating Randy's site stories and the adventure from the musher himself. .. so make sure that you follow team Controlled Chaos there as well.

And speaking of following... he could always use more support... be it a cheering squad and followers on facebook, and the more word that gets out the better opportunity for the team to gain extra last minute sponsors which are always needed for a huge venture such as this.

Check him out!

I'm serious.. click on the links I've shared here and check him out.

And make sure you follow 'us' (uncontrolled giggle) during the race... the Toughest Race on Earth... The Yukon Quest!!! 

Well y'all I'm off to get my fur kids ready... we are heading out early on the trails this morning to practice our haw gees... All I can think about is this upcoming adventure, but daily life does carry on.

You'll be hearing more from me as I prepare myself for 2 weeks of cold and lack of sleep.. lots of work and many many miles on the road of the Yukon and Alaska  (______________) *insert girly squeal of excitement here*

                  Later all.... I'll leave you with a picture of the day... my handsome boy Rocky.

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