Wednesday, January 2, 2013

So It Begins

I am so pumped for this years up coming Yukon Quest, which begins one month today.

Every year I follow this race, picking a veteran and a rookie to cheer on.
This year is no exception... I will be cheering for Hugh Neff (I always do) although Abbie West is high on my list (you go girl!!!) and the rookie will be Randy Mackenzie.
Why Randy? 
Well unless you are new to this site you would already know... I'm going to be his handler for this years race!!!!!!!

Just a little excited.

I spoke with Randy last night and after hanging up this whole adventure got just that much more real.
As a list person I all of a sudden became almost nervous having not even started my list(s) to do with this trip.

I've promised many people that I will try very hard to be consistent with blogging this entire race.. from the perspective of a handler and following a musher along the trail.  I'm even going to go as far as purchasing a tablet that I can take along with me (instead of trying to find a battery for this lap top of mine) so that I have the tools needed to stay connected.

So with this promise under my belt and working through my head of how or when I shall begin this particular blog it was decided that the preparations and packing could and should be included.

A few years back a friend of mine blogged about his Disney trip and weeks ahead he started a 'packing' blog that I enjoyed so totally that by the time he left for the trip I felt sad it was over.
I am sure I could never copy that idea as well as he did, but it did inspired me to try... at least until I find my own rhythm and make it my own.

I shall be a packing guru when this is all said and done.
I have to make everything I need for at least 3 weeks, which includes extreme weather gear, fit into one backpack.  My carry on will be my sleeping bag that I can probably squeeze a few other bits into, but cannot really consider it luggage... unless I find a fool proof way of attaching the sleeping bag onto my backpack without the threat of it ever falling off.

I will find a way.
I always do.

But first.

                     The list.

             A work in progress
Oh by the way..... Happy New Year everyone!!!! 
I trust you will all have the most amazing 2013, I know I will!!

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ainnirbard said...

I am a list girl too! They help me remember all that I need to!

Exciting!!! The Quest...