Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Morning Thoughts

Why our memories come flooding back in one particular moment is a mystery.

Sitting in my house on a quiet Sunday morning.  Hubby out doing dog chores allowing me to laze around in my jammies, un-rushed, the promise of a fun run with pups on the trail hovering around me.  A perfect beginning to my day.

When suddenly I'm surrounded in visions from the past.  Most make me smile, some leave me feeling melancholic.  Why must life fly by so fast?

Trying to flush the mood that surrounds me I attempt to get some work done.  Paper work that still looms from the days of Mugs, paper work that once done will finish off a time in my life that was not only stressful but full of happiness and great friends.

As I sort through papers my hand comes to rest on an envelope.
"Do NOT open it!!" I tell myself.

I open it

Cards of well wishes from staff, customers and friends.  Notes written on my last few days at Mugs.

Unable to stop myself I read every letter, which brings forth a sadness that I carry within my heart.
I miss so many people.

My children who both live away from home make my heart ache with their distance.  I do not begrudge them their choices of living where they have settled for now.  In fact the ache in my heart is mixed with pride in their ability to be so independent.
I also miss family and friends who all live so far away.

More recently I miss my Mugs family.. the staff and customers who made up such a huge part of my life for 6 years.  

The sun shines in through my window as I sit comfortably relaxing on this wonderful morning, my thoughts drifting to the many joyful days of hanging out with my staff and customers.. the laughter that they brought to my days. 
It was my privilege to have been introduced to so many wonderful characters in my life.
I was most definitely the lucky one.

Time brings forth changes as people move on and places change their look or crumble in decay.  And this is what saddens me.  I am grateful for the memories, but wish that just for a second in this quick paced life we could jump back and be within the space that made us happy.

Looking forward to many new happy adventures I will still look back embracing the moments that made me smile..... and there are many.

I love you all... I miss you all.

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Mom said...

"No need to be so dramatic, dear, you are certainly your Mother's daughter!" This is a line from my play, but it just came to mind after I read your blog. Even if you feel a bit lonely at times, remember, many people really love you. There are only a few in the world who can say, "Many people love me"? Love from your Mom (who really loves you).xoxo