Sunday, February 6, 2011

Spectacular Graingranular

Or the Tale of the Rolling Stone

A grain of.. sand? Calcium?
A grain, granular grain.
A speck of a grain
A spectacular of a grain
A spectacular granular grain

Silently it grew, and grew some more until it was not so silent anymore
It found it's voice in dear hubby.
Becoming the not so subtle nor so silent spectacular granular of a grain of a speck of a stone.

A very wicked little stone, rolling this way and that like on one of those labyrinth toys that a ball rolls along until you reach the right hole or indent to rest upon.
In hubby's case it was the opening of the kidney... wicked evil little stone.

Off to the Misericordia Comm Hospital in Edmonton, a day trip that was not all that romantic.
Unless you think seeing your spouse dressed in nothing but a back opened dressing gown to the knees with black socks and dress shoes is a huge turn on, then no, there was nothing romantic about it at all.
Nor was the fact that I was left in a waiting room while the hubster was put out while laying on a huge ass table that made some rather loud, yet rather rhythmic, snap/banging sounds.

After waking up there was considerable pain that needed the help from some morphine.... a good sign we were told... to be in pain means the wicked stone is now many pieces of evil little stones that are now on the move.

So now we wait.... for the birth of the many small pieces of the spectacular granular grains.... and all I can say is... "glad it's not me"

Funny thing about whats happened around here is we just watched season two of Deadwood (our new favorite show to watch) and the attached scene below was one we saw less than a week ago... strange coincidence?
For the faint of heart I recommend not watching..... for those who know me well will understand why we love the show.. for those who know me a little.. you may be surprised.  (the language is rough)
here is the link (above) as I couldn't attach the video today.. I'll try again later

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