Friday, February 4, 2011

Molly's Muse - The Rosebud Run

So I wait for Musher Lady to report on her race weekend... and I wait, and wait some more.
Something has had her quite upset this week.  I know she's upset as she keeps hugging me and wont leave me alone!  Although I will admit I've loved all the butt and neck scratching I've been getting, however someones gotta report on the weekend.

Guess it will be me.

I didn't get to race, so you would think I'd be harbouring bad feelings and all, but musher lady knew best as my foot was really bugging me last weekend and it probably wouldn't have been good to have run in the deep snow that we had on the trail.

Yes snow!!! 
The weather had been warm and all the snow was quickly leaving the yard and fields.  I know the humans were really worried about the upcoming race trail conditions.  But while all the mushers were doing something called registering the night before the snow fell from the sky... and LOTS of it fell.
I heard the trails were a little slow but awesome!  I'm a little sad I didn't get to see them.

The weekend was a fun one for everyone.  Lots of other dogs were there making all sorts of noise.. something like over 200 pups hanging out at our trail.

This kinda pissed off Rocky and Penny.  They said they didn't like sharing the trail with all these other dogs and did their best to let it be known.
Musher lady was upset with them though as they gave all the dogs a whatfor as they passed on the trail.

You know I would have been the object of  pure angelic perfectness if she had taken me..... really! I would have.

On Saturday the 'team' was 4th out of the chute of 11 teams which gave Penny and Rocky plenty of opportunity to teach 5 teams a lesson as they passed. 

All that fooling around put them in last place, but then again because I was missing they were at a huge disadvantage... only 3 dogs instead of 4.
Musher lady said that us purebred dogs are slower than the dogs like Hubba Bubba and I take great offence to that remark excepting that when looking at the times compared to the Pure class my team did pretty good and falling in the third place category.

Everyone had a lot of fun... well except me who got stuck in a crate in some strange van that wasn't ours.. don't know why we didn't take our truck, something about it being in pieces at shop.. whatever that means.

I heard there is another race this weekend... but we've had to miss that one 'cause the man human has to go to something called a hospital.. something like a vet place for people I think.... I hope he is okay for the next race cause I heard rumour that he was going to race us dawgs!

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