Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Staying Warm

I received an e-mail from a friend this morning... and I quote....

"your nuts! You STAY outside with your dogs on a cold day like today??  How do you keep warm?"

So for everyone (and that is probably 99% of my friends) who think I'm nuts to hang outside for about 4 hours a day playing with dogs... this is how I stay warm.

And yes.. today was cold.. and this is without the windchill.. which at 6:30 this morning was approx -29
It is important to dress warm.. obviously... and this is what I wear..... keep in mind this is just my hanging out in the backyard gear.. when I'm sledding and especially skijouring there isn't this much.. although when sledding for long periods this and more come along for good measure.

 One of my favorite purchases was this pink (very fashionable) undershirt from my all time favorite store MEC
I love this shirt for skijouring.. it is perfect.. and works excellent for just keeping me warm under whatever sweatshirt or sweater I'm wearing that day... today... my Yukon hoodie


 I have a couple underclothing pants... 'long johns' that I wear.  When I'm just doing allot of standing around I pull out my MEC fleece pants under my sweats.

My outer clothes consist of my snow pants.. fleece lined of course... the absolute BEST purchase I've ever made.. my Cabella coat.. so light weight and SO warm.  If it is super cold I'll throw a light weight fleece jacket on under that.

 Mitts... hat...(both fleece lined wool) and a fuzzy fleece neck toque.
and SOCKS.. this is a very important piece of gear to me.. since freezing my toes last year I need to make sure I have warm foot gear.. and these are the most amazing socks I have ever owned.
Then the boots... these are 'okay' and I am in the process of replacing them for some heavy duty -50 ones in the near future.

So there you have it.... I dress warm so that the only part of me capable of getting cold is my eyeballs.

Of course while outside just hanging I will sometimes take a warm drink with me.. however it can be difficult to actually consume it.

 Playing with the dogs and doing the chores helps keep me warm.... a 'special' fun chore is the poop pick up... and here is a picture of Hubba's and Mollys all you can eat buffet buckets.
But seriously... I would rather be sledding... and with a sick hubby at home.. it has been hard to get out.  My poor sprint sled looks rather lonesome and sad as it sits waiting for someone to put it to use.... maybe tonight my dear friend... maybe tonight.

                                          Happy trails everyone.... dress warm and it's all fun!!

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