Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My New Years Resolution

I am having a hard time believing that in just 2 sleeps it will be New Years Eve.

Another year has passed me by... taking me that one step closer to another year older.
I am one of those who will have a very hard time when that 50th birthday arrives.

No, no, not this year but sooner than later and I wish it was later. 
I am not looking forward to growing old.  Not mentally, you just have to know me to realize that I will be a kid at heart for as long as I'm alive... it is my aging body that scares me.

I love dog sledding... more than anything I've ever done.
And I'm looking forward to skijouring more this coming January.... however as my body ages how much longer will I have to enjoy doing my new found love?

Resolutions are something I've never taken part in as they are always broken.  This year though I was thinking of actually trying one out.  (I wonder, is that like trying on a new pair of shoes?) ... like eating healthier and staying fit to keep my body from turning on me and getting old and achy and unable to handle the dogs and the physical aspect of the sport.

Alright then... how does this sound for a New Years resolution?

I resolve that in the year 2011 to eat vegetables and fruit and to take the dogs for a walk.

*looks at resolution above*

yeah that works... no sense in setting myself up for disappointment in something that I might not do... 2010 was fraught with disappointments... I plan to stay away from them this coming year.

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