Thursday, December 2, 2010

How Could I Forget??

I was talking yesterday of the adventures of walking a sled dog.... and it sounded all so sweet and fun meeting almost naked men, going for runs in deep snow.

What I failed to mention was what it really is like to walk a sled dog.

Every corner, lump of snow, bush, tree or even shadow is in need to be explored (smelled, peed on) and it has to happen RIGHT NOW, which means getting there as quickly as two dogs can while pulling the weight of me.
And let me tell you that every corner, lump of snow, bush, tree or shadow is never in a complete straight line... nor do both dogs want to get to the same place at the same time.

I have learned quickly how to stay up right while being whipped around in circles.... on ice!

Our dogs could be taught to walk properly I suppose. The potential is there.
It is just that we spend so much time teaching and using the sledding commands that I don't have the time or bother to work on the 'normal' stuff.
Besides we give them the opportunity to pull to work on building their muscles (what I like to tell myself) and my muscles... you should see my legs!

You see when our dogs are put on line/ leash or rope they all of a sudden get this urge to RUN.. it is in their make up of who they are.  And why would I want to dampen that spirit, I just wish I could run as fast as them.  This is most noticeable in colder weather when this need comes out strongest in them.  A big reason why we are trying to organize morning sled runs instead of walks. 
I just wish my life would slow down a little so I could do this.

Walking sled dogs is a challenge... but it is fun.... and if I had a nickle for every time someone says to me.... "I saw you walking your dogs, or should I say  your dogs walking you" ..... I would have pockets heavy with change!

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