Friday, December 3, 2010

I HATE Housework

I took today off of work so that I could get my house ready for the holidays.
Lets see, what have I done today?

3, 2, 1 loads of laundry in
2, 1 loads of laundry folded and put away
Bathroom cleaned
Kitchen floor swept and washed
get rid of recycling
clean up dinning room
Clean my bedroom... hahahahaha.. like THAT'S ever going to happen.. *chuckles*

Well the bathroom is an important room to have clean... and it could have taken me all day to do.
However the playing on the computer, nap and lunch got in the way of my housework.

Did I mention that I hate housework already?
Well I do.

hmmm it is almost 2:00.... I still have so much to do and I only have about 2 hours to do it in.
Can I do it?

Do I want to do it is the more important question..... you don't want me to answer that.

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