Monday, July 26, 2010

So? Are you counting down the Days?

I love being at the store... I love the customers that I see.. I love, LOVE my staff....

I am going to miss all of that.... all of that and more... even the same questions asked over and over and over... So? Are you counting down the days?  Are you excited? Are you happy? Are you looking forward to leaving?

I don't mind being asked the questions... for those who know me, know I LOVE to talk..... but I'm starting to feel rather sad.... no not sad..... a word for sad that is not sad.... is there one?
It is kind of like when my daughter moved out, and then my son when he moved into residence last fall... an empty nest kind of feeling.

I will miss the store... the customers.... the staff..... but I'm so happy that the store has an opportunity to grow with a new owner... fresh new tables.. a fresh new feeling.... I was not able to do that anymore.... too tired, ready to move on.

Yet here I sit with only 4 days left... 4 sleeps.... with a growing feeling of doubt... doubt about whether I did the right thing... doubt about whether this will really happen... doubt about.... well.... that's all.... what if this falls through at the last minute??? 
What will I do?  
Melt into a big puddle of anxiety riddled sticky gooey black liquid that is what.

4 more sleeps

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