Saturday, July 24, 2010


I wasn't born in this province, but have lived here for over 22 years.... it is my home.

I do miss trees, and water, and heat.... but those I can travel to find, in fact we only live just over an hour from the majestic Rocky Mountains.

I would miss the prairies.... I can actually hear the groans from my kids... both of whom have moved away or are dreaming of moving away from here.   All I can say is 'one day they will come home to visit with some wonderful memories'

There is nothing like the open plains... wind blowing through the tall grasses and my favorite, the canola.
No sounds but the bristling of the plants as the stalks caress each other in the breeze.... the flies and bees flying by on missions only known to the insect world.

I love being able to see far ahead, the mountains silhouetted in the distance.  It makes me feel free, alive... the world laid out at my feet.  With adventures all around.
And it is all beautiful.

I love my home on the prairies.

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