Saturday, June 13, 2009

Normalicy Gone

A mothers pride of her children is like someone stuffing a balloon into my chest and slowly blowing it up.
It almost hurts..... but I feel my chest swell....lots.
And not for moments that most people would expect... I could care less if they got 90% on a test, or made a teacher proud for some school science project... no it is for the bizarre and odd things they do.
My girl with her dreds... and her eccentric ways... (Your kids not like my kid moments)
My boy and his wacky way of dressing... the way he needs/ craves to be different.. or to stand out, depending on how you look at it.

I love that side of my family life.
The funness of it all... how boring to be a normal housewifey... waking up in the morning to make a hot breakfast. making the beds (don't remember the last time I did that chore!).. coming home after work to work on the house.. picking up after everyone.. having chore day of cleaning the house.
Not to say that I don't like a clean house, I just don't want to be married to my house.. don't call me a housewife.. I'm not married to it!!
I'd rather be out at the park, or on the back of a dog sled... or dog handling for my son.. or hiking in the mountains with the kids.. or anything with the family but housework or just work in general.

And to not be normal as a family is a good thing too..... to be silly together... to not care what the people at the next table think of us....

.....sigh..... I'm going to miss the kids around this fall.... Will life get boring after they both leave?

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drnormaliza said...

Will life get boring after they both leave?
Definitely NO!
Try things that you have not yet able to do before. Get new hobbies. Kareoke? Salsa? Art? There are so many things that can done now. You have loads of time.
Continue writing and you will love it and might be addicted to it.