Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Taking flight

It's done.
Graduation that is.
The formality of it all, the pomp and circumstance.

Well.. High School graduation.... I suppose there will be the University ones coming up in a few years time for my daughter, and a couple years for my son... but this somehow is different.
It marks then end of a chapter in MY life.

It was commented that life will not get boring once my kids are gone... that I should get a new hobby.. funny... I am so busy that I don't have time for a new hobby.. and life boring?
I wonder why I thought that... I dog sled... I am working as a dog handler this year training dogs and helping qualify them for the Iditarod. How can that be boring.

I suppose my fear is the house being so quiet... I'm going to miss my sons crazy ways... his hugs and high fives.. his loud music...his shoes all over the front door step...sigh.
My daughter has made that transition away from home, coming home to visit and work for the summer. So I know the feeling of her being away now... doesn't make it easier, and this year she is taking flight as she has her own place now... 3,000 miles away from her parents home.

Speaking of my kids they are home now... maybe I will go and sit with them instead of infront of a computer.. that sounds like a very good idea!

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