Thursday, May 28, 2009

It will be the death of me!

Do I have some big 'L' stamped on my forehead??

How is it that there are those who can take advantage of my good/ quiet ways?

I seem to do the brunt of the work when with a certain someone at work, and she does not see it... I have to 'ask' her to get things done, she does not see it when I am doing it all.
It was such a long day keeping up with the work.... steady...... so tired.

I come home to find that my 21 year old is sitting on the couch.. tv on... her lap top on her 'lap. doing some work for her dad.. but the dishes are piled in the sink and the house is generally dirty.... I am exhausted.. I now have to make dinner...

do dishes

clean bathroom

pick up the livingroom

where is the help?

I must have a loser wish list going... and WHY can no one pick up after themselves???

I wish I could quit and walk away

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