Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hillcrest Challenge

It's been one week.
A week to recover from such a strenuous weekend.

Seven women placed into a small hall in the middle of nowhere from Friday night until Sunday afternoon

Women with one thing on their minds. 
Willing to sacrifice their families, commitments and soft beds for two nights.  Putting themselves at risk for paper cuts, ink stains and sleep deprivation to name just a few.

The stress we endured as we placed photos from the past against different colour combinations knowing that once they were put into place with adhesive that there would be no turning back.

Even more stress of needing to use items brought so that it wouldn't feel like a waste of space (and so little of that is had when packing).  Items such as inks and ribbon were needing to be used.
Ideas shared and hoping that you were not offending anyone by stealing theirs.  

Hoping that no one else would walk through the doors as the clothing choices for the full day were not conducive to entertaining anyone who was not on the same mind path.

The smoke that filled the room as our minds ran on over time coming up with new ideas.

The depression, well okay, maybe not depression.  
The sadness that kicks in when it's time to pack up and head home knowing that we only put ourselves through this torture once a year.

It is amazing how much stuff is needed for two nights away from home.  Packing queens are what we have become.

Two late nights sitting around talking about.... about? 
 I don't even remember most of what was spoken of.... perhaps I am following the code of "What happens at Hillcrest stays at Hillcrest"???

I can tell you however with 100% certainty that Scallops are a shell fish.

Don't ask.

I normally do not sleep in. 
Someone however had slipped our drinks with some form of drug that enabled us ALL to sleep in.  Naps were even had on the Saturday.
The snoring that echoed the small room was testimony to this.
Which is a nightmare for scrapbookers who are on limited hours,minutes and seconds to get their work done.

You just have no idea what we endured.

I only wish that I could go away on scrapbook weekends with the ladies more than once a year.
I always have so much fun even though we have to put up with all the horrendous experiences that I have described here.

A toast... to Linda, Carol, Cindy, Marlene, Sandy and Cory..... to next year.

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