Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Perfect Child

I love my kids more than anything.
To me they are perfect.

What is a perfect child anyway?

The baby who sleeps through the night and in their own bed.
The baby who cries only if he/she is hungry or needs changing.
The toddler who has never had a temper tantrum in the middle of a public place, laying face down on the floor screaming as though they are having their limbs ripped from their torso.
Potty trained by the age of 3
A child who says please and thank you without any prompting.
One that never lies.
Always eats their meals without complaint.
Makes their beds and keeps their room tidy.
Helps with household chores with no complaint.
Does homework with a smile.
Always fills the gas tank when having borrowed the car.
Has never broken the law.... ever.... even the tiniest infraction.
Never phones home to borrow money.
Always is thrifty with their pennies so there is no need to borrow.
Eats healthy nutritious meals, never skipping meals to save a buck.
Does not drink to excess, ever.
Phones home on a regular basis.
Stays out of trouble.
Is waiting to be married before becoming intimate.
Would never break any ones heart.

And this list could go on and on, but seriously?  This is the perfect child?
How about perfectly boring and predictable.

This perfect child did not exist in my home.

My perfect children caused many a sleepless night full of worry and anguish.  I will worry about them always.

However my perfect child is one that loves unconditionally.
When they meet the right person it will be an incredible relationship.
They are caring and worry about others.
They are generous to a fault.
They may not call home on a regular basis but I know that they are too busy with their very full lives but are always thinking of their parents.
My perfect child loves adventure.
They are both trail blazers.

 Innovators and trail blazers

Adventure seekers

To me, my kids are perfect and I love them both.
My heart swells with pride and I cannot wait to see where life takes them next.

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Nick said...

You truly do have two spectacular children. They are wonderful and amazing people. I'm honoured to have gotten the chance to meet and get to know them as well as you. They've/you all have changed my life forever for the better. It comes as no surprise that you are so proud of them. You did a good job raising them. The world is a better place with them in it.