Monday, March 16, 2015

Woman Sick

I'm home.

Sick in bed.

My entire weekend was ruined as I felt so crappy.  So sick.  So wasted.
Today, a work day, I'm still home in bed sick.

Home in bed.

That above statement probably brings visions of someone wrapped up under tons of covers.  Hot lemon water on the bed side table, bottles of medications and a box of Kleenex by their side.
This IS true.  This is me (with a lap top nestled under the covers at this moment).  My head is throbbing (sinus) my ear has an inner ache that will not go away regardless of the amount of red, or blue pills I've been popping.  I'm achy and stuffy and the world is in a far away place right now.


Yes, a however.

I have already washed a sink full of dishes.  (Sort of) played with the dogs, fed the dogs and put them into their runs.  I folded the towels in the dryer and put them away as well as put a blanket in the wash.  THEN came up to crawl into bed.

On Saturday I crawled into bed (I was really VERY sick then) and I did lay around all day sleeping and feeling as though I might die at anytime (two loads of laundry done in between the dying)... that is until 3:00 pm, at which time I head outside to let the dogs out of their runs.  I curled up on a lawn chair with a blanket wrapped around me throwing a ball for them to play with, and of course I picked up any presents that were left within the kennels.
At 6 I fed the dudes then made my way inside to do dishes and try to figure out what to make for supper.
Ray came home earlier than I anticipated and made something for dinner.  I died on the couch.

Sunday.  Floors were swept and washed which left me feeling as though I had just run 5K.  A movie was put on that I tried very hard to concentrate on, but everything felt as though it was deep in a tunnel.  Interestingly I got up to bake a batch of cookies... I think I was delusional at this point.  Cookies??  Seriously?
I pulled myself up, still in jammies and head outside to let the dogs out of the run.  I really don't think my head was altogether at this point.  Not sure why I didn't even get dressed.
Ray came out to take over and I went in to clean the bathroom... yup.... clean the bathroom.

I made the dogs dinner as well as our dinner.

What the?

Monday morning.  Up, dressed.  Ready for work.
Sitting on the couch feeling far away with the dogs laying around me.  A pain deep in my ear.  My cough not as bad as it was on the weekend.  My nose a little less stuffy.  I'm thinking.
I can do this.
I'm ready for the day.
I stand up.
Then think to myself.

What the hell?   Why will I not allow myself to be sick?

So here I am in bed.
I will let myself be sick.

Until 3:30 at which time I will head out to do dog chores once again.
In the mornings when it's cold out the dudes can lay on the couch and be sick with me.  A simple life, but it's mine... sick or not.

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ainnirbard said...

Feel better soon! Water and rest. Rest and water! Don't forget doggie snuggles. :)