Friday, February 20, 2015

Canadian Challenge, Lets Go!

I spoke to Randy last night confirming our meet up this Sunday in Prince Albert.

So it all begins.

I am a bit of a Facebook fan user addict and follow many mushers from those that are close friends, to those I have never met but love reading of their adventures, and it struck me as to how many I have actually met that will be at the Challenge this year.

Randy was in good spirits during our phone call, looking forward to the race.  There have been a few set backs from crappy weather/training conditions to a virus that spread through his team, however all is well now he confirmed.  In fact my call interrupted his packing and sorting of booties.

When we get together Sunday I will be meeting for the first, time his driver, Rob.  Also a couple of young ladies from Fort Mac. will be joining us as the cheering squad..... if anything it will be a week long party.  I have never had trouble getting along with others and am looking forward to making new friends.
Photo Credit: Tracy Holland 

I am also looking forward to seeing and hanging out with current friends, musher friends who I only get to see once a year and meeting friends I've only ever spoken to via social media.

Randy and his team, Controlled Chaos, will be my main focus and will of course be the team we cheer for the loudest.... however it will be hard to not cheer for everyone.

Rick Wannamaker is not only who I am traveling to Prince Albert with (and hanging out with his wonderful wife Dena) but I also had the privilege of helping run his dogs as they prepared for this race.  Many of these fur dudes and I are 'friends' (run Fry run!)
Photo Credit: Mike Forhan

A young lady by the name of Laquasha has entered the race as well.  She has amazing dreams that include the Yukon Quest and the Iditarod.  Her team of beautiful huskies are making their way across Canada from Quebec as I write this, however sad news came this morning from her dad, Steven, as he reported that due to vehicle issues he will not be running along side with his daughter this year as was planned.  A fathers love was very present as he helped re-pack and send her off with her mom so that she could carry out her dream.
Photo Credit: from Facebook Page of Steven Laviolette

Another young lady who I was honoured to have met in 2013 at the Yukon Quest is Christina Traverse.  I live vicariously through the youth wishing I could go back and carry out the same dreams they have.  Yes it is possible to have the same goals, but there are years missing with less time to follow through with them.  
Christina in Carmacks 2013

The other racers entered in the 12 dog are Stefaan De Marie,  Kyle Job, Jillian Lawton, Laura Neese and Gerry Walker. (I've heard so much about Gerry from Rick that I almost feel as though we have met)

There is an 8 dog category that runs at the same time as the 12 dog and there are two mushers running that I am looking forward to meeting up with again, and cheering them on.
Anna Bolvin a lovely musher who I would like to run with one day (just need my team of 8 dogs first!!)
Photo credit: Scott Knudsen

AND Greg Scrivener who was the most down to earth musher I have ever met.  He also was a good sport and let me revel in my third place win at the Rosebud Run.
Photo Credit: Mike Forhan

Looking back I have met many wonderful people through the love of dogs.  I count myself among the luckiest out there.  Money is a very low priority in my life, but to be surrounded by good people is very high and this mushing community is full of many which has made me feel very rich indeed.

Off to pack myself now...  I'll be back once we've arrived in Prince Albert this Sunday night.

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