Monday, January 26, 2015


This weather sucks!

Everyone around me is loving the warm winter we are having and enjoy telling me how wonderful it has been, always adding a sorry to the end of their sentence.

I've been feeling just so darn depressed.
There would have been a time when the lack of snow (on the roads) and the warm spring jacket weather would have put a smile on my face, but now?
I almost want to cry.

My poor pups are lacking in miles this year and with the roads covered in ice we can't even use our dry land rig.  I tried walking the dudes but that is tough with ice since they don't walk on a leash very well, it's more of a pull.

This year would have been a great one for dog sledding.

I was invited two separate times to bring dog sledding to the kids at school with a co-worker bringing in her snow machine to put trails in.  NO SNOW.

I've been helping train a friends long distance dogs and although we have gone on some pretty interesting trails the last couple of weeks I don't think any of those are left due to warm temperatures and NO SNOW.

I was going to head to the Yukon with Randy again as a handler but the trail conditions made training harder so he decided to withdraw this year.  NO SNOW.

Instead he has chose to attend the Canadian Challenge and I was invited to come along as his handler.  I'm very excited for this adventure as I know a lot of the mushers attending.
This weekend I read this on the organizations Facebook page,...

Just a note: we;re keeping an eye on the trails after the warm weather -(plus 7 yesterday) - we have lost a lot of snow in the past few days and although it's cooking off a bit, not much snow in the forecast.  Glare ice to walk on!  Unless we get some good snow in the next 3 weeks, we may have to consider the unthinkable.  Don't panic yet, but stay tuned"


This morning I read this article from The Alaskan Dispatch which talks about lack of snow threatening the Yukon Quest this yea. Did you see that?  NO SNOW.

This above zero crap and lack of snow can stop anytime now.

Besides my yard is a big muddy mess and the dogs are no longer allowed in the house which means we all just hang outside.  No couch cuddles until it either dries up or it gets cold again.  IT SUCKS!

Okay I'm done whining now.
I'm just tired and not feeling myself these days.
Could have something to do with NO SNOW.

Where is one suppose to train dogs if the trails all look like this? (and this is a picture of one from the North too!!)



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