Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year Challenge

It's been awhile since I've been on here, but not because I haven't wanted to.

One computer is upstairs in the office, which may as well be in a different world with how much I want to be sitting in that room... another computer (lap top) I accidentally spilled water on the key board which left me alone with my phone which is good for playing around on cyber space in crackbook and other waste my time social media sites just not so good for blogging.

Now here I sit with a new lap top and no more excuses.

So much has happened and although there are some fun stories I could share I'm not going to make you sit through any of those.

Instead I want to look forward.

This was to be the year that Randy went back to finish that which was left undone in the Yukon at the Quest.  I was to be heading up with him to help support his journey.
However things have changed since I've been here in blog land.  Randy has made the wise decision to not attend this 1,000 mile race as his training wasn't at the mileage it should be which could put his dogs at risk.

Randy has decided instead to attend the Canadian Challenge.  This race is a 320 mile qualifying race for both the Quest and the Iditarod running from Prince Albert to La Ronge Saskatchewan.
I have been asked to be his handler here and am excited for this new adventure.

Not knowing what Internet coverage will be up there I will do my best to journal the adventure and if need be it will be posted once the event is complete.

Randy and team Controlled Chaos will of course be my main priority while up there but I will also be able to follow the race of not just one friend but a few, if they will allow it.

Rick Wannamaker a local musher I know and who has been a mentor for both my son and myself.
Steven Laviolette and his daughter Laquasha from Quebec have been someone I follow on social media and am quite excited to meet them both.
Another musher who I follow on social media and have had the honour of meeting is Anna Bolvin, who will be running in the 8 dog.

So in 53 days follow us here for a new adventure in handling for Controlled Chaos once again.

In the meantime I will work hard at keeping you entertained with the antics of Outback Huskies, and as is mentioned in my title, confessions from an empty nester wannabe musher.
Until then we want to wish everyone the very best that the New Year and 2015 can offer.
Hope it's perfect.

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