Monday, February 23, 2015

Of Vet Checks and Mushers

A busy kinda day.

After breakfast the trailer was dropped off to get repairs to make it all brand new like.  At least make it so we could drive it on upcoming so called crappy roads as we follow Randy on his adventure.
It took all day but Rob gave the company here in Prince Albert a two thumbs up (name inserted here when I find it out).
 Crippling into Prince Albert
McGrubers, or McGivers, or clever musher
Repairs are given a two thumbs up from Rob

Vet checks were next on the list and everyone was given great scores and were given the AOK to run tomorrow. Each dog is checked and then marked.
 Gums are checked for dehydration
 Joints, such as shoulders, hips and wrists are checked for stiffness or other issues
 Feet are checked for cracks and splits

 The afternoon was then spent running errands from looking for sleeping bags to getting snacks.  It also included a run around trying to find ski poles for Randy that he forgot back at home.  It's all about the little things.

Randy and I then were dropped off at the exhibition grounds for the Musher/Handler meeting where rules and an overview of the trail were discussed.

Then off to Meet the Musher.  A chance to meet those running and to do some visiting.  
It was fun to meet up with those that I met a few years back here in Prince Albert  and to chat face to face rather than Facebook with other friends.
 Team colours 
 Laquasha with Melissa and Sara
It was very nice to actually meet them in person and I felt tremendous relief to see they made it here.
Laquasha left before they had a chance to call the mushers up for a group picture
I don't blame them for getting out of there to get to a well deserved bed!!
That's okay, she will be in the finishers picture!

It was also time to pick the bib numbers.  Randy chose #5 meaning he will be fifth out of the chute at 12:08 tomorrow afternoon.

Back to the hotel to drop and feed the fur dudes and time to send the musher off to bed for a good long sleep (hopefully)  I now sit and wait to drop the kids one more time before us girls head to bed for our well deserved sleep.

I apologize for the thrown together blog.... I will do some writing in my paper journal starting tomorrow as I will be off line for a day or two before being able to put something up.  I promise something with a little more meat next time.

For those that are wanting to follow along head to the Canadian Challenge web page for more information or go to their Facebook page which will also give regular updates as well.

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Tracy Holland said...

So awesome to read the play-by-play! Such an exciting time! Good Luck to you all! Godspeed!