Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mid Life Crisis

You could call my tattoo a mid-life 'little red sports car' if you want.

However it has lots of meaning for me.

I suppose you could call it a mid-life crisis what with the fact that I am turning 50 in less than 2 years, but it is much more than that.

The tattoo itself represents my learning not to care what others think of me. 
I am me and will not/ cannot change who I am.  Either you accept me or you don't, that is your choice not mine.

It represents my dogs, obviously, and even though I used Rigby as the face it is in memory of any dog who has been with me throughout my life.
Family dogs as a child and dogs in my own home as an adult.  Dogs that are no longer here on earth with me, but in my heart, and dogs that cover me in kisses every day.

Rigby's face embodies the focus that he was born with.  An extremely focused dog which is something I dig deep for as I prepare myself mentally and physically for the big race in 2014.
I'm also pretty sure he will be one of three dogs along with me in the Yukon.

This tattoo also represents the dog powered sports that I love so much.  Be it behind the dogs with the belt and my own power of feet, muscle and cardio, or on a scooter, sled or skis... It is the fun and joy I share with my dogs.

Lastly it is all about adventure. 
Adventures that are all about the life we lead, allow ourselves to lead.
Now that I've hit my mid life it is ALL about adventure.  Whether it is going for a tattoo, running dogs in the mountains, attending sprint races, running 5K foot races or taking an incredible job in a middle school, it is all an adventure.

And I'm out to find more! 

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ainnirbard said...

That is such a cool tattoo!! And what a way to honor the dogs!