Monday, February 3, 2014

The Call of the Yukon

I have been following the Yukon Quest.

From the warmth and comfort of my house.

With a full nights sleep.

On a real bed.

And honestly.

It sucks.

It has been one year since I followed Randy and his team, Controlled Chaos from Whitehorse to Dawson City.
Hard to believe it's been one year.

I think about the Yukon and this adventure often.  It sits on the edge of my memories and the smallest thing will bring it to life.
Like a warm glow that sits deep inside spreading through out me until my fingers and toes tingle and a flush rushes across my face.

I miss being there, miss the adventure.
There is also unfinished business that lingers..... so many I should haves and could haves and wishes of things being done differently.

One year from now.
February 2015.
It looks as if I may get my wishes answered.... I will be able to correct the should haves and the could haves as I head back out to the Yukon Quest with Randy once again as he returns to finish what he started.

Look out Fairbanks here we come!
Yukon River in Dawson City

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shelley said...

Chills and shivers reading this - not from the cold.