Sunday, November 24, 2013

Arrive Alive

Sunday morning and the lack of food in our cupboards had forced me to head out for a big grocery shopping excursion.

I like to shop locally but am forced by my pocket book to head to the bigger city south of us to partake in this weekly ritual.  One that at this time of year leaves me with the sweats as everyone and their grandmother is also doing the same thing... shopping.
However being a beautiful day,  and the promise of talking to my son a couple thousand miles away on the phone at the same time, made this a not so bad chore to do today.

So off I go heading out on the main hiway which was clear and dry today making it easier for me to take in the views and rejoice in the fact that I call this province my home.
The mountains were beautiful today, looking larger than normal with their snow caps reflecting the bright morning sun.

Of course this is not my picture as using my camera would have made it a little dangerous while driving.
My pleasant drive was interupted by some woman in an SUV kissing my ass.  She may as well have been, I swear she was so close I could smell her breath.
Before I could come up with a plan to piss her off she passed me and flew by.  She had to be going at least 20km's over the speed limit, at the very least, as within moments of her passing she was a small dot ahead of me.
Where, WHERE, could she be going that she had to go so fast?  
I suppose a family emergency?  Late to pick someone up from the airport?  While I was compiling the list of reasons in my head to make her recklessness okay (which by the way I could not come up with any that made this alright) I noticed that I was a minority in driving the speed limit.
It seemed to me that 90% of every driver out there today had somewhere to be NOW.
Seriously people.  You are not just putting yourself at risk.  What about those who are sharing the road with you?
Do you not have family that would like to see you arrive home alive?
I do.
Anything can happen. 
Sure you tell me that you are a safe driver and that driving fast is no biggie, your brakes are good, you are experienced... whatever.

ANYTHING can happen.  
And it all happens in a blink of an eye.
I know this from experience as this is a picture of my van after I hit a deer while doing the speed limit.
So if you don't mind I would like to visit with my son who is coming home for the holidays.
I also have plans on hanging out with my entire family this Christmas season.
Not being thrown into a situation that YOU put me in because you just had to be somewhere right now!

I sure as hell do not want to end up here as I am sure your family does not want you here as well.
SLOW down!!!!!   There is nothing and I mean NOTHING that is so important that you must risk my life (or yours) to be there by driving fast and careless to get there.

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