Friday, April 20, 2012

Missing You

Someone once told me that I should never look back.

The past is done, forget it and move on .............. move on, yes.............. forget it, no.

Today there is so much that I miss.
Could it be because it is my first Friday off this year with no plans?
Perhaps it is that Spring smell that fills me when I step outside with my fur kids.
Most likely it is having just spent an incredible week with my baby girl out east and missed seeing my baby boy who was so close, yet so far from me.

I miss my kids.

For over 21 years they were my life.
Everything I did was with them in mind.
They consumed me.
I loved every minute of it.

I knew that they were going to leave... it was my job to prepare them and theirs to spread their wings.

However there was no warning for the empty feeling that would be left after they had moved on.  Although that emptiness is filling with pride for all that I see them accomplishing on their own.

I still miss them.

I also miss my other baby lately... my business that I sold (almost 2 years ago now!!)
I miss my work family.
Staff and regulars, they made up a huge part of my life, and I miss them all.

 I have a new 'work' family where I am still finding my footing and place... I love this job.  I am comfortable there and couldn't think of a better place to be.

Yet I still miss my Mugs family.

I shake this melancholic feeling and look ahead.
The next couple of years are filled with adventure and excitement that I find it hard to believe it is MY life I am looking at. 
How lucky am I?

I still miss you all.

And it's okay to look behind... at the memories.... and it's okay to miss you.

For I do... every day.


ainnirbard said...

The new header photo is great!

Insomnia said...

Thanks!.. it is also my wallpaper on my computer... the only problem is it makes me wish for winter to come faster :-)

ainnirbard said...

Especially after this last almost snowless winter!

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