Thursday, February 23, 2012


Life is full of tough twists and turns and I've done well to hold my head up, take a deep breath, and carry on knowing that I can make it to the next junction safely.
Yet for some unknown reason something deep within my grey matter mis-fires sending me on a journey that is dark and bleak. I live with this daily.
Lately however I have been working very hard at keeping away from this direction... and without the help from any medical intervention.

There are many reasons to allow myself to fall into misery and sadness, but whose life doesn't include some depressing menace lurking just out of reach willing to bring you down into the darkness?   It's not allowing it to happen that separates us all.
Each and every morning I work on positive affirmations while mentally walking through my day.

It was a recent tragedy that was close to home, and the sad loss of a great uncle that I have not seen in years that made me start to seriously think about my time here.

I / We have no control over when, where or how we will die...

We cannot choose how.

Or when.

We CAN decide how we want to live.

I want to live each moment in the NOW.
I am not going to wish for things I do not have, what I have NOW is perfect.
Right NOW I have family and friends who love me, I will not worry about those who don't, they do not matter.

If I am dealing with my Fibro pain, it is ONLY right now... breath... and cuddle with dogs... it will pass.

And play... like a kid... get outside and make snow angels,  go for a walk, watch the sun rise, set or both, take a moon bath... just go out and enjoy what nature gives us for free.

I shall remember the words of a man long since gone....

If you are going through hell, keep going.
~ Winston Churchill

That all said... I'm going outside to play with my fur babies...

Have a wonderful, awesome, delicious kind of day!


ainnirbard said...

Thanks - I needed that. It's been very dark inside my head lately.

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