Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dream Big or Go Home

The Yukon Quest is on.

In another life time I would have been one of those Rookies behind a team of incredible athletes racing along those 1000 miles.

I've been amazingly lucky in having the experience and JOY of standing on the runners behind 8 wonderful furry friends for a 30 mile run under the night sky.  More than once thanks to my mentors, the W's.
However it has made me yearn for more.

I will just have to continue to dream, and when I do I dream big!
Living up north with access to miles of trails right out of my yard.  A yard that houses 20 of my furriest best friends.
Money to pull together this dream which includes full time training and attending lots of mid distance races that lead us to this one big race.

I love dreaming.

Right now I just dream about a good dump of snow this next week.. or at the very least this next month.

One day I shall attend this race.... as a volunteer.... I just have to be there.


ainnirbard said...

I'm not sure I'll ever be a big racer, but I echo your dream on a bigger kennel, lots of endless trails right from the house, and the time and money to do all of this! Though right now I'd settle for snow the same as you!!

Insomnia said...

Seems to be a strange year for every musher I've spoken to.. I also notice that there is lots of open water on the Yukon River this year as well... We have snow this morning, but the long range temps don't help us out any :-(

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