Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Embrace the Season

Well it came, we all knew it would.
And you can't blame me either.... it woulda come whether I wished for it or not.

November 16th, almost officially winter, seriously there should be no complaining.
And if there is you need to sit back take a deep breath and issue forth your profanities non-stop for 4 months, cause that is how long (at least) it's gonna be here.

The best thing that you, or anyone, can do is to embrace our winters.
We live in Canada after all.. the land of snow, mountains, rolling hills and Rocky shores.... snow being key word here.

Hey!!! YOU!!!... yeah, you... where ya from?  Not Canada?  First word you think of when I say the word Canada.. quick... say it.... no thinking involved.... "SNOW"

So Canadians... go out and play in the snow.. build a snowman... make a snow angel.... ski, toboggan, dog sled, snow mobile, skijour, ice skate, WHATEVER... just play in it and you will find that the season flies by with crazy speed and you actually look forward to that first snow fall of the year.

Trust me... try it.
Way more fun than complaining!

                                              Molly plays in the first snow fall of 2010

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