Sunday, December 13, 2009

Could this be my Heaven?

Amazing, that is the only word I can describe what it was like.

I ran 6 dogs for 24km with Mr. Musher and his family yesterday.... it was bloody cold.... it was bloody brilliant!

There was no noise but the sound of the sled across the snow, the occasional bark of an impatient dog as we maybe were not going fast enough at times and the rush of the blood running through my ears.
The cold was something I've never experienced like I did yesterday, I think it was because I was so aware of everything around me. It was a -36 with wind chill kinda day.

Yet I wasn't cold... my big toes and thumbs got a little numb at times.. but would warm themselves up if I started peddling to keep my limbs moving.... but icicles hanging off my eye lashes was something I've never experienced until today.

Until you experience it yourself it is something hard to describe.
My only regret is that it was not my dogs I was running, I think the bond between us would deepen for sure.... I love Mr. Mushers dogs.. I just can't remember all their names!

I now look forward to the next run! Oh yeah.. today!!!!

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