Thursday, August 27, 2009

What are Words Anyway?

There is nothing that can be said to describe the heart ache, the pain and emptyness that is felt this day.

I have always looked up to this couple very much so..... Mrs. F. whom I worked with in kindergarten, was a woman of calm self control, someone I looked up to and wanted to be like. I always wished that we had gotten closer while working.
The chance that we could have led in Girl Guides together excited me and I was so disappointed when that fell through last year.

Mr. G.... crazy Mr. G.... you and I are alike in so many ways when it comes to how we run our businesses, and I always looked forward to your visits in my place and I would find an excuse to visit yours.... I also looked up to you as a mentor for my business... still do.

....and now this..... will it ever be the same for you both?

no, it will not.
when will the time come when you leave this town and the memories that it holds that must be so painful for you now.

no words can describe the pain
no words can describe how I feel for you

Why a young boy with so much going for him.... a gold medalist in fencing, many many friends..... a loving family..... who knows what goes through someones mind.
Why did he feel he was so alone that he had to leave us, his parents, his little sister???

The pain that is left behind when someone takes their life is beyond measure.
The love that is out pouring for the family is also beyond measure and I hope that they are aware of that.... that it finds it's way through the grief shroud that must be covering their days now.

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